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Give your horse the gift of freedom & Let your horse breathe easier with the Ultimate Bitless Bridle!


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The Ultimate Bitless Bridle is the only horse bridle which allows the horse total freedom in the mouth, while having no cinched components.  It will never twist or shift position when a single rein is pulled.  The pressure points mimic the bit and provide the ideal conditions for clear communication. 

The Ultimate Bitless Bridle (UBB) can function as a halter or full bridle for lunging, driving, and all riding disciplines with no adjustments required.

Let your horse breathe easier with the Ultimate Bitless Bridle!  We believe that we have created the ultimate design for the bitless bridle which gives the rider total security and control, while eliminating the unnecessary and restricting throat latch & chin strap, and at the same time providing the horse comfort and peace of mind.

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Why Bitless?

Why use a bitless bridle......?  

Bitless bridles can provide a simple, non-invasive, means of communicating with the horse to allow connection and freedom.    Most people notice an instant change in their horses' performance and demeanor when switched to a bitless bridle.

Numerous physiological and psychological problems found in the horse can be linked to the bit due to its interference with normal breathing and its infliction of pain.

In short, the horse is a nose breather and is designed to have its lips tightly sealed when exercising.  Anything that breaks the mouth seal (i.e. - a bit) starts a process of neurological conflict in the horse.  


When the mouth is open, the brain signals the parasympathetic nervous system into action, which is eat, rest, relax and digest.  When the horse is running, exercising, or exerting itself the mouth is naturally sealed shut and the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated into action.  People are unknowingly creating this conflict when they put a bit into the horses' mouth and ask it to exercise.  

The bit breaks the mouth seal, stimulating the parasympathetic system (eat, rest, digest) and yet the rider is asking the horse to exercise which is the OPPOSITE, sympathetic system.  It is a conflict of the nervous systems which can be linked as the starting point for literally hundreds of problems/diseases in the horse